MATT KAPP has written frequently for vanityfair.com on a range of subjects from health-care industry profits to celebrity sex videos. “The Sick Business of Health-Care Profiteering” (September 2009) was republished on dozens of web sites, including portfolio.com, and cited by Senator Maria Cantwell in a key committee hearing hours before the historic vote to take up health-care reform legislation. His other stories for vanityfair.com include “Grindr: Welcome to the World’s Biggest, Scariest Gay Bar” (May 2011), “Nut Job” (May 2010), “If You’re Gonna Do It, Do It Right” (January 2010), and the interactive features “The Annotated TARP Application” (June 2009) and “The Boys of C Street” (August 2009). He has also been a freelance reporter-researcher at Vanity Fair since 2003 and researched editor-in-chief Graydon Carter’s 2004 book WHAT WE’VE LOST.

Kapp has written proposals, treatments, narration, and web content for documentaries and series for Showtime, HBO, and PBS, including SAME SEX AMERICA (2005) and HOW DEMOCRACY WORKS NOW (2010). He recently wrote the e-book companion to 16 ACRES, which is available on iTunes.